Severely discharged batteries are an issue for both trucking fleets and dealerships. And recharging these batteries with a maximum output in the 20-30 amp range can take a long time. That is why Purkeys has a 100 amp Pack Accelerated Charger (PAC) which can fully charge up to eight batteries quickly, so your vehicle can get back on the road.

The PAC pushes a lot of current into a battery pack while in the heavy-duty vehicle, without compromising the safety of the technician or the vehicle. Also, the user-friendly intuitive selection menu monitors the voltage to avoid overcharge.

The high-amp charger is safe for Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries, which has an amperage demand of more than double a typical flooded cell battery. PAC can half the recharge time of an entire battery pack, making it faster to get trucks back on the road where they belong.

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