Just Like Home, Wherever You Roam

Our Invert™ Pure Sine Wave inverters with DynaBalance™ monitoring technology are here! Purkeys has a long history of creativity and quality in the market, and we continue to strive for…
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Organize Your Battery Recharge Area

Every shop is set up a little bit differently, according to size, available space, and the preference of the shop manager. However, one thing that is consistent across most shops…
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Summer is Just Around the Corner

Summer isn’t quite here yet, but it is coming up fast! Are your trucks ready? Watch our free on-demand webinar to learn about using solar power as a supplemental charge source. While…
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4 Years as CEO: The Man Behind the Title

While Purkeys will be celebrating 28 years in the heavy-duty trucking industry this coming April, Justin Purkey (son of founder Bruce Purkey, shown in the picture above) celebrated his 4-year anniversary as…
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