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A Safe, Reliable System 

SAFX is designed and engineered to provide safe and reliable 480 VAC power to operate reefers while they are docked at a distribution center or when they are being unloaded at the place of delivery. The SAFX system offers a safe, environmentally-friendly power solution for fleets, reefer and trailer manufacturers, distributions centers, and grocery stores and truck stops to help them meet CARB and other anti-idling regulations.

Our technical team is available to work with reefer unit and trailer manufacturers, fleets, and distribution centers to help spec the appropriate SAFX components for their electrical and mechanical drawings to simplify installation.

System Components 

SAFX uses a system of components to safely provide 480 VAC power for your eTRU. Each component is outlined on the system diagram and includes the 1. Auto Eject, 2. Auto Safe, and 3. Your choice of cable management.

The SAFX system is customizable and allows you to choose the cable management component that works best for your application.

1. The Auto Eject

The Auto Eject is installed on the trailer. It includes a 480 volt, 30 amp receptacle that automatically detects when the cable is connected and ensures that the load is not live unless fully inserted. It utilizes an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard 4-pin pin-and-sleeve connector.

When the driver presses the tractor brake, the Auto Eject does its job by ejecting the cable to prevent damage caused by drive-offs (ready for your choice of cable management to take over) and the Auto Safe disconnects the power so that the cable is no longer live.

2. The Auto Safe

The UL listed Auto Safe can be installed at distribution centers, refrigerated warehouses, truck stops, seaports and intermodal facilities, grocery stores, or on a designated shore power station out in the lot. When the Auto Safe receives the signal from the Auto Eject that the power cable is properly connected to the vehicle, it allows power to flow once the operator presses the power button. When the Auto Eject disconnects the cable, the Auto Safe automatically deactivates the 480 volt power cable to prevent accidental electric shock to personnel.

3. Cable Management

The basic SAFX package includes a sturdy cable hanger that the cable can be manually coiled on after the vehicle drives away. Cable management systems with higher levels of safety, protection, and efficiency are available in various forms:
  • Manual Reel – allows an operator to tug the cable to activate the spring-loaded reel, which then neatly coils the cable
  • Auto Reel – automatically coils the cable once it detects that power has been shut off, allowing for quick cable cleanup without requiring the operator to interact with the system
  • Auto Reach – automatically retracts the hanging cable to the building or shore power station while keeping the cable off the ground

Any of these options allow the cable to be removed from the ground, ensuring that tripping hazards, drive-off damage, drive-over damage, and other potential cable-related risks are mitigated. 

Cable Management

Choose Your Custom Kit

To ensure you have the components needed for your application, SAFX is available in a variety of kits. These kits come in two categories: dock kits and trailer kits. A custom cable management package can then be added to meet your cable management needs.
  • Dock Kit – includes the Auto Safe, 15 feet of cable, a 4-pin connecter, and a cable hanger.
  • Trailer Kit – includes the Auto Eject, a trailer mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.
  • Cable Management Package – choose from our bronze, silver, gold, and platinum packages.

Product Documentation

For additional information, check out the product documentation below or contact us.