Despite never filling out an application, Larry Rambeaux has found a home at Purkeys for almost 23 years. “Really, I can’t remember Purkeys without Larry,” said CEO Justin Purkey. “He’s been around so long he’s become part of the family.”

Starting at a young age and with no job title, Larry was determined to succeed in his field. He knew he had a lot to learn and was willing to work hard to achieve his goal of learning everything he could about the electrical needs of heavy-duty fleets. According to Larry, “To be good at something, you have to enjoy what you’re doing and you’ve got to want to be good.”

With the help of his mentor, Bruce, Larry became an industry expert. “Larry was always driven to be knowledgeable,” said Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey. “Larry always told me, ‘I want to know everything you know,’ and I always told him, ‘Larry, you’ve got to have bigger dreams than that.’” Larry’s dreams led him to become the sales and service engineer he is today.

Through hard work and determination, Larry has become more than just a Purkeys employee. “He has been here through thick and thin,” said Bruce. “He has always had our back and has always worked hard to help our company get where we are today.”