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Since 1990, Purkeys has made an impact in the commercial trucking industry through electrical advisement and solutions. One of the original creators in the market, Purkeys products help fleets maximize the effectiveness of their auxiliary equipment. Our unique solutions ensure batteries stay charged by maximizing the power available to charge liftgate batteries and electric pallet jacks while offering scientific advancements and patent-pending technologies that set us apart. Purkeys is part of Mission Critical Electronics (MCE) headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA.

MCE provides specialized products for critical systems in a wide variety of applications operating under the leading brands Kussmaul Electronics, Xantrex, Purkeys, Newmar Power, ASEA Power Systems, Power Products, and American Battery Charging. These brands have been built on the strength of their team and their ability to connect with customers. MCE takes great pride in translating their customer’s needs into the highest quality products and solutions available in the markets it serves. MCE delivers those products and solutions with an unmatched level of responsiveness.

Our success is a result of our industry knowledge, expertise, communication, and innovation. We:

  • Understand trucking fleet challenges
  • Help fleets maximize long-term electrical efficiency
  • Provide products that help fleets recognize electrical problems before equipment and operational breakdown

Purkeys understands the many challenges fleets face today. Driver retention, a shrinking pool of technicians, increased competition, and increased regulation are just the tip of the iceberg. Maximizing efficiency through new equipment can help fleets deliver more in less time, but one dead battery can put a truck out of service, eliminating all the gains from new equipment. Fleets have a myriad of issues to worry about today–let’s work together to ensure batteries are not one of them.

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Our Company Values:

Be a Great Partner
Innovate with Passion
Maximize Potential
Embrace and Drive Improvement

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