Purkeys Is Your One Stop Shop for Owner-Operators

Our job is to make the days and lives of truck drivers easier. We create products that help you:

  • Increase your truck’s overall battery life
  • Reduce your costs from failed deliveries and roadside assistance calls
  • Help you achieve greater efficiencies, all while keeping drivers safe.

Purkeys knows how to balance the needs of the driver with the needs of the truck. With products like our 2000 Pure Sine Inverter, drivers are able to bring the conveniences of home into the cab, while still protecting your equipment and without compromising your scheduled deliveries. Access to hot food and a good night’s sleep keeps drivers happy and working harder. At the same time you can take a deep breath, knowing your trucks are not going to be stranded or late because of a dead battery.

Our pure sine wave inverters use patent-pending DynaBalance technology to estimate the battery state of charge with current and voltage, even under load, in real time rather than relying solely on voltage. When the inverter senses the state of charge has dropped to a predetermined set point, the inverter will shut off to ensure the tractor batteries do not discharge too deeply. You will never have to worry about your batteries being too low to crank the engine!

We also offer harnesses designed to safely meet your needs and align with application requirements.

Whether you are looking to charge your pallet jacks while driving, keep your liftgate or auxiliary batteries running stronger for longer, or utilize solar charging systems to increase your trucks battery power – we have it all. Better equipment means more time with your family, more money saved long term, and business running smoothly with Purkeys products on your side.

Easy to install and easy to use, we offer exemplary customer support and trainings for our products, which means increased efficiency and employee satisfaction. Purkeys is the optimal shop for owner operators, learn more about our products or contact us for more information today!