Fleets should keep a clean and organized battery room. Step-by-step instructions for the equipment used in the room should be posted. A disorganized room can lead to uncharged batteries, wasted materials and missing parts costing time and money.  Below are three things to keep your battery room in tip-top shape:

  1. Location and Temperature—The battery room should be accessible, well vented, and kept at a moderate temperature, ideally about 60 F.
  2. Safety First—The room should have clearly marked safety signs, an eye washing station and designated safety equipment areas. The room should also have an electrolyte resistant floor in case of battery leakage.
  3. Battery Charging, Testing and Warranty Procedures—Clearly label all the batteries, chargers, cables, and procedures for testing and charging batteries. Develop and post procedures for checking testers, meters and processing warranties.

Staff can quickly find everything they need if all parts are put away and labeled. A well-trained staff equipped with the correct tools and operating procedures will keep good batteries in trucks and freight on the road.

Do you have questions about organizing safety procedures? Have you experienced problems organizing your battery room? Would you like help with your battery program? We appreciate your comments below

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