The 5th Wheel Light was developed to help drivers more easily connect their truck and trailer, helping stop dropped trailers. Illuminating the 5th wheel makes the driver’s job easier and safer. The 5th Wheel Light is very easy to install and operates automatically, making it a great asset for fleets.

Purkeys’ 5th Wheel Light is a cluster of 9 LEDs with a control module that connects to the batteries and the reverse lamp circuit. It is activated when the vehicle is in reverse and illuminates the trailer 5th wheel, allowing drivers to easily and safely see the connection between truck and trailer.

The 5th Wheel Light is easy to use. Just turn on the vehicle key, shift the vehicle into reverse, and the 5th Wheel Light will automatically turn on. Once the light is on, drivers can shift into park and the light will stay illuminated for approximately fifteen minutes. This allows time for drivers to ensure the kingpin is completely locked.

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