Choosing the right battery for a fleet’s specific needs is the second step in extending battery life. It may seem simple, but having the best battery to fit the exact needs of a fleet can make a huge difference. In the heavy-duty, commercial trucking industry, there are two main types of batteries to choose from:

• Flooded Cell
• Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

Research shows that AGM batteries are more efficient because they have low internal resistance, deliver high currents and can handle deep cycles. All of these features lead to a longer service life as AGM batteries typically cycle better than a comparably rated flooded cell battery.

While AGM batteries will reduce costs in the long run for some fleets, flooded cell batteries are still the most common. A switch from flooded cell to AGM can be an expensive transition or may not be of value to certain fleets.

It is important for fleets to understand what kind of battery will be best for their application. By choosing the right battery fleets will use less batteries over time and save money.

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