Harness the Power You Need to Keep Reefer Batteries Charged

Trailer reefer units can sometimes have parasitic draws, meaning something is pulling power from the battery without the driver knowing. These draws can cause the reefer battery to discharge from things such as the communication system, which is used to track the trailer across country and record trailer temperature.

When the reefer battery discharges, it causes delivery delays and expensive jumpstarts. Stores will sometimes refuse to take freight if the reefer temperature and location are not recorded by the communication system. This can cost the fleet money in undelivered or damaged goods.

Fleets can prevent this problem by using a harness and a DC/DC converter designed to charge the reefer battery. Installation is easy thanks to the harness’s plug and play design. This system accomplishes multiple things:

  1. The reefer will stay charged, even if the truck is not hauling a refrigerated load.
  2. The DC/DC converter will prevent the need for a jumpstart because the battery will stay at a high state of charge.
  3. The system will replace the power lost to the parasitic draws of the communication system.
  4. The life of the reefer battery will be prolonged because it will maintain a better state of charge.

The harness hooks the auxiliary circuit of the seven way trailer cable to the trailer and the reefer battery through the DC/DC converter. The system is smart and automatic and requires no work on the part of the driver. This system can assist in saving on road calls and will prolong the reefer battery life.