It is common for fleets to have a tester in the shop that will supply power to trailer circuits and make the lights illuminate. When a technician performs this test and sees that the trailer lights are working, they often assume it is good to go. Problems with the lights can still occur if the truck and 7-way cable aren’t tested under load before hitting the road.

The 7-way powers everything electrical on the trailer. It is important to make sure the 7-way has the ability to provide power before a vehicle is sent out. Simply testing the connection isn’t enough. Without a load on the circuit, there is no way to know if the truck and cable is providing enough power.

Purkeys developed a tester that will look at each load as it is turned on, such as the brakes or turn signals. Then the tester will automatically calculate the voltage drop and determine if the circuit is good or not. By testing the 7-way fleets will know if this vital cord is working properly, which can lead to less CSA violations.

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