In the heavy-duty, commercial trucking industry it is important to understand the complete chemistry of a tractor battery. Each battery is different, so fleets should develop an electrical profile to identify their specific needs before selecting a particular battery. For years, Purkeys has developed electrical profiles and advised fleets on the best battery that will help reduce electrical costs over time.

Performing an electrical audit can give a fleet an accurate assessment about the challenges faced by the vehicle’s electrical system. Purkeys uses their MODAC data logger to assess a fleet’s demand on their tractors’ electrical system. They then develop a profile that incorporates the following:

  • Number of batteries
  • Battery Cycling
  • Ambient Temperatures
  • Type of operation (Sleeper or Day Cab)

Anti-idling laws mean trucks run less so the batteries have less charging time. At the same time technological advancements in the heavy-duty trucking industry create a higher demand on the electrical system. When fleets have concrete data to show how their batteries work with the entire electrical system it will help them make an educated decision when buying batteries.

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