Purkeys founder and Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey responded to a client’s request to train staff by traveling to multiple garages around the country. He and regional sales and service engineers trained technicians on the TC-6, TC-12, and custom testing equipment. On location training about products, testers, and how they operate is an important part of Purkeys’ complimentary battery program.

The Purkeys team traveled to the client’s larger garages, in cities such as Atlanta and Chicago, for week long training sessions. Technicians were brought in from other regional garages by the client to also take part in the training. The client’s willingness to work with Purkeys to implement and enforce improved procedures was essential to ensure positive results. “It can’t be known as a Purkeys Program,” Bruce Purkey says, “It must come from the fleet and be supported at all levels”.

Purkeys full-service battery program is a customized approach to help fleets reduce battery costs. Training on new products and periodic refresher courses from Purkeys experts will reinforce:

  • Proper maintenance practices
  • Knowledge about testers and meters
  • How to troubleshoot when issues arise

Proper training will help reduce battery and maintenance costs because it reduces mistakes on the floor. Purkeys is dedicated to maintaining fleets’ electrical needs by working with technicians and constantly being involved to customize solutions over time. By going on location to train staff, Purkeys proves their commitment to their clients.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into Purkeys full-service battery program? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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