Purkeys Has Consolidated Their Liftgate Charging Systems Down to Two

In October, Purkeys consolidated all of their TC products into two liftgate charging systems. By consolidating to the SELECT and the DIRECT, Purkeys has made it easier for fleets to find the right solution to their liftgate battery needs.

Both systems improve charge time by utilizing a DC/DC converter, which boosts the voltage available at the liftgate battery. This overcomes the voltage drop caused by long cables and will compensate for colder temperatures. They also have easy to read indicator lights, enabling drivers and technicians to confirm the charging system is working properly before leaving the lot.

The systems differ when it comes to connecting to the power source. The DIRECT draws from the tractor, while the SELECT has the ability to choose between the reefer unit or the tractor depending on the best available source.

Fleets can now charge liftgate batteries faster in low mileage, high frequency liftgate operation applications. Purkeys’ innovative design allows fleets to easily notice if liftgate batteries are being charged. All it takes is one look in the driver’s side mirror to ensure everything is working properly.

Are you dealing with liftgate battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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