Purkeys’ Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter (CAPS) is a portable, safe, and easy-to-use jump starter for heavy and light duty applications, said Charley Gipe, Purkeys sales and service engineer.

“The reason that CAPS can be so portable is because we are using an ultracapacitor to provide power, instead of heavy batteries, generators, or gas powered engines,” Charley explained. “The capacitor can store a lot of energy and charge rapidly. But it can also discharge rapidly, which is what is needed to crank that engine over and get the vehicle started.”

The CAPS gets its power from a Maxwell ultracapacitor.

“Inside our ultracapacitor we have our own, internal dc to dc convertor, which can make that charging happen fast,” said Jeff Brakley, Maxwell senior business portfolio manager.

The ultracapacitor may be the heart of the CAPS system, but the control module is the brain. Everything that happens in the CAPS system is regulated through the control module. This smart controller is what makes CAPS safe and easy to use. It protects against reverse polarity hookup and will sense the amount of energy needed to jump start the connected vehicle.

The quick charge time and portability of CAPS means fleets can jump start multiple vehicles faster than ever. CAPS can quickly get vehicles back on the road, where they belong.

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