Cargo Theft on the Rise: Are Your Trailers Protected?

Anti Cargo Theft


According to a recent report by HDT Magazine, cargo theft hit a five-year high in 2020. The average value of each incident rose to an average of $166, 854, and ten of the 870 thefts reported in 2020 were valued at $1 million or more.

With this increase in theft, it’s more important than ever for fleets to consider their cargo and whether they are providing sufficient protection for their loads. It’s particularly important for carriers of sensitive information (such as paper shredding companies) and fleets whose routes dictate leaving the trailer unattended (such as the driver stepping away to complete a delivery or leaving the trailer parked overnight).

Purkeys offers an alarm system to help protect delivery trucks at stops. The SafeFreight provides an audible alarm if a door on the vehicle is opened without authorization, notifying drivers of an intruder and scaring intruders away.

The SafeFreight is modular for ease of installation, troubleshooting, and repair. It utilizes off-the-shelf parts to ensure it is inexpensive to maintain and requires no special keys or annual maintenance fees.

For more details on how the SafeFreight can help keep your cargo safe, visit the SafeFreight page or contact us.