A trucking fleet had issues with liftgate batteries being discharged to the point they couldn’t bring the liftgates back up once they were down. Since neither the company nor its drivers could identify the problem before the trailer left the lot, these under-charged batteries were used and may have encountered issues. The extra road calls cost the fleet both time and money, so they contacted Purkeys for a solution.


Purkeys DIRECT is a liftgate charging system installed on the front of the trailer so drivers and technicians can see it easily. It has indicator lights that tell fleets if the charging connections between the source and the battery pack are operating correctly before getting into the truck. The system has many different options to connect the power source to the batteries, so fleets can choose the configuration that works best for them. The following paths can be installed on the trailer:

  • Dual pole
  • Stinger combo (dual/single pole)
  • 7-way Aux

There are LED indicator lights that blink green or orange to tell fleets whether the liftgate batteries are being charged. The lights can also see if the charging issues are coming from the power source or the liftgate batteries. In other words, Purkeys DIRECT system works if the fleets’ systems work. When issues arise, the Purkeys liftgate charging system will tell you where the issues are.


When the trucking fleet used the DIRECT system, they discovered one of their trucks had under-charged batteries and immediately acted to keep it off the road. The DIRECT system successfully helped the fleet diagnose battery issues before they became road calls. This saved them valuable time and money.

Are you dealing with liftgate battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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