Trucking companies want to entice new drivers to work for them by offering inverters in their over the road tractors. However, hotel loads put an extra drain on batteries. This results in dead batteries, which require service calls that cost the company time and money.


Fleets and drivers can both get what they want when using a Purkeys inverter. The electrical experts at Purkeys developed an inverter, which includes these smart features:

  • Utilize a timed function to limit the use of the inverters
  • Disconnect the inverter when batteries reach a pre-determined voltage
  • Alert the driver when batteries begin to get low
  • Leave enough battery power to start the truck after rest periods

By incorporating a Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) or timer, Purkeys’ inverters save truck batteries and keeps trucks on the road.


Fleets can now let drivers use inverters without the concern for future dead batteries.  There will be less road calls, which will help increase productivity and save money. This smart inverter, combined with AC power awareness, can extend the life of truck batteries and meet everyone’s needs.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Are you looking for advice? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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