How Purkeys Stopped a Scale from Draining Fork Lift Batteries


A fleet installed scales on all their fork lifts. By eliminating the extra step of weighing freight separately the automatic scale saved labor hours, reduced time each pallet of freight spent on the dock,  and gave the fleet correct billing weights. The scale caused a parasitic load on the fork lifts’ single battery. Over the weekend this parasitic load discharged the fork lifts’ battery making it inoperable until the battery could be recharged or a jump-start was initiated.  Both charging the battery and jump starting the fork lifts were functions costing the fleet time and money.


Purkeys designed and built a low-voltage disconnect, or LVD, for the scale. The LVD system is completely transparent to the driver and functions without driver interface. If the fork lift’s electrical system voltage drops below 12.2 volts for more than 15 seconds, the system shuts off the scale. When the engine starts and more than 13.3 volts are detected, the LVD module turns the scale back on.

The LVD system utilizes a custom harness, circuit protector and relay to interface with the fork lift battery, eliminating the need to cut and splice wiring.


The Purkeys LVD device allowed the fleet to maximize the benefits of the scale without draining the fork lift battery.

Do you have questions about low-voltage shut-off devices? Have you experienced problems with depleted truck batteries?

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