Purkeys’ Solar Bolt is the only solar-charging system for heavy-duty vehicles that keeps charging when the vehicle is running. It is an easy-to-use, efficient, effective, and environmentally conscious way to charge electronic systems in your vehicle and save money.

The Solar Bolt is an additional charging option for liftgate batteries. This system uses patented technology that works with the electrical system to monitor and charge the system, whether it is on or off.

“The most important feature of the Solar Bolt is that we actually monitor the electric system,” said Larry Rambeaux, Purkeys sales and service engineer. “Unlike our competitors that shut off or go into float mode when the vehicle is started, we actually raise the voltage coming from the solar panel. We are trying to make sure we can get all the energy that we can out of the solar panels to reduce the electrical load on the vehicle.”

This patented technology can save on fuel cost throughout the life of the vehicle. The system can also easily be converted from a single panel of 90 watts to a four-panel system of 360 watts.

Another benefit to the Solar Bolt is that the control module is mounted in the battery box. This gives optimal voltage to properly charge the batteries, while combatting the voltage drop of the harness. It also helps when monitoring the batteries and preventing overcharge.

“The Purkeys’ Solar Bolt is much more than a basic system,” Larry said. “There are some very high-tech features that can really help a fleet get the most out of the solar technology that is available today. And our new patented controller can benefit a fleet, such as the fuel savings.”

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