Purkeys Explains the Lights on the SELECT

One of the biggest product improvements to Purkeys’ new SELECT liftgate charging system is the inclusion of indicator lights. According to Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer, Larry Rambeaux, these lights were added for both:

  • Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting

In Purkeys’ latest video, Larry demonstrates how easy it is to read the SELECT’s indicator lights and to determine the status of each power source. He explains what each different light indicates:

  • Blinking Orange Light – Batteries are BELOW 12.4V (i.e., not a good state of charge)
  • Blinking Green Light – Batteries are ABOVE 12.4V (i.e., good state of charge)
  • Solid Green Light – The power source is charging the liftgate batteries

As Larry states, the SELECT is attractive to fleets because it gives “more flexibility than they’ve ever had before. Purkeys provides indication lights that can distinguish between the power source and liftgate batteries. This helps technicians diagnose the system, and for the drivers to know that the system is working before they leave the yard.”