Differences between the PLUS, FLEX, and MAX

Our DIRECT™ liftgate charging system improves the charging of liftgate batteries, increasing battery state of charge and battery life. Now, this system has been incorporated into a nosebox, which saves space on the front of a trailer, as well has helps standardize your fleet!

These new DIRECT noseboxes are also equipped with the option of an interior light controller. The logic of the interior light is designed to shut off via a timer or if the liftgate battery drops to a low state of charge.

There are three options in the new line: the DIRECT PLUS, DIRECT FLEX, and the DIRECT MAX.


Draws power from the 7-way aux pin to automatically regulate liftgate battery charging.


Draws power from the tractor via 7-way, but also has the added dual pole, which can extend the time available to charge your batteries after the tractor has been turned off.


Includes all the abilities of the DIRECT PLUS and FLEX, with the added feature of providing parallel charging paths from the truck to the battery box.

For a demonstration of how the new DIRECT nosebox works, sign up for our free webinar. The live event will be hosted on February 22, 2018, and will be available for on-demand viewing 24 hours after the live event.

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