DIRECT™ Line – Easy to Maintain, Easy to Use

Another advantage of the DIRECT™ line—in addition to combining the liftgate charging system with the nosebox to save space on the front of the trailer—is that it is easy to maintain, easy to work in, and easy to use.

The inside of the enclosure is roomy and designed so that most of the connections are made on the lid, rather than on the inside of the box. This allows easy access and maneuverability for technicians installing the DIRECT nosebox or performing any maintenance tasks, such as replacing a receptacle.

As shown in the above video, the 7-way wires can be connected using either a bullet pin or utilizing a ring terminal connection.

Drivers will also benefit from the DIRECT nosebox. The nosebox/liftgate charging system combo not only means only one checkpoint instead of two, but the DIRECT also features easy-to-read LED indicators. The LED indicators show the state of the liftgate batteries, source batteries, and the charging status.

To learn more about the DIRECT line, click here.

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