When directors of maintenance and technicians of heavy-duty, commercial trucking fleets think of harnesses, the first thing that comes to mind are harness manufacturers that require a large volume order and build to specifications provided by the fleet. However, when a specific issue arises that needs a fast, easy and cost-effective resolution, a custom harness could be your best approach.

One of Purkeys’ clients had an issue with the location its tractor work light when they decided to mount a spare tire on the back of the truck. The spare tire blocked the light, making it difficult for the driver to see while connecting the truck to the trailer in the dark.

Purkeys responded by building a custom harness that used the power from the original light to the new light positioned higher on the tractor so the driver could use the light while making the connections. The custom solution was an easy-to-follow process that included:

  • Repositioning the light
  • Installing the custom harness
  • Allowing the light to operate the same as before
  • Requiring no adjustments to tractor controls

One alternative would have been to drill holes, cut into wiring and deal with the fusing, which would have been costly, time-consuming and cumbersome for technicians to implement, especially at multiple terminals. The custom harness was the quick, easy and cost-effective solution that technicians could employ – a simple plug-and-play.

What could have been a complicated scenario became a consistent, easy fix for all of the fleet’s locations. When dealing with electrical problems, it is important for fleets to explore the right solution that have economic value, can be installed easily by technicians at multiple terminals and does not impact the existing operation of the vehicle.

A custom harness could be the best solution to your next electrical problem.

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