Double Checking Your Liftgate Charging System

As with every part of your heavy-duty vehicle, your liftgate charging system needs to be tested not only at installation, but it also needs an occasional checkup to ensure that it’s performing properly. However, the challenge comes in having the needed tools and power source to accurately test a liftgate charging system.

That’s where the Liftgate Double Check (LGDC) comes in. “Often, it’s hard for technicians to find a power source in their yard to be able to test their liftgate charging system.” Rylar Masco says. “This tool makes it easier to be able to use a wide variety of vehicles to test your liftgate charging system.”

The LGDC easily provides power to test liftgate charging systems by using a regular vehicle as a power source and connecting to the tractor and trailer electrical systems using either dual pole, single pole, or 7-way cables.

Masco continues, “The liftgate double check gives you an easy way to connect, troubleshoot, and diagnose if there’s an issue with the liftgate charging system.”

The easy-to-read LED display shows when the system is connected to power and how much current the liftgate charging system is pulling, while the 20 amp Applied Load Module (included with Liftgate Double Check kit) helps technicians perform load tests to ensure the tractor has sufficient energy to charge the liftgate batteries.

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