Dual Shield Provides Double the Protection

Heavy-duty vehicles are used by a variety of companies and organizations for a wide range of jobs. Sometimes they need additional electronic devices in order to properly perform their required tasks. That is why Purkeys has developed the Dual Shield Low Voltage Disconnect.

Although accessory devices are important, they create a parasitic draw on the vehicle’s batteries, which could be enough to keep the vehicle from starting. The Dual Shield prevents this problem by providing a single source with multiple protected ports for electrical devices. This gives the vehicle two levels of protection to help counteract parasitic loads.

First is the low voltage disconnect. If battery voltage gets too low, the Dual Shield will shut off additional devices and stop extra draw on the batteries. Second, the Dual Shield has a timed disconnect that will shut off running devices within an hour after the ignition is turned off.

This handy electrical accessory simplifies adding necessary features to heavy-duty vehicles by providing a centralized, protected location for technicians to connect supplementary devices. Most importantly, the Dual Shield safety features can stop vehicle batteries from becoming severely discharged, thus keeping them in better condition.

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