The AWARE™ is an audio interface management system—integrating with the speaker system of your truck and routing messages from your telematics alert system through the cab speakers. Utilizing a wireless connection and simple plug-and-play installation, Purkeys has embedded simple and elegant features, like a hands-free calling interface and audio signal priority. Let’s dive into what it can do:

Hands-free phone operation is easily managed with any common 3.5 mm mono connected microphone and supported smart phone or tablet.

The AWARE functions independently of the radio. That means the sound being broadcast from your telematics system goes through the truck speakers whether the driver has the radio playing or not.

The AWARE automatically takes priority over any audio sources and plays its transmission.

The AWARE uses an audio distribution profile that allows it to transmit a high-quality media audio signal. Partnered with low-distortion audio switches and a low power Class D amplifier, the overall sound quality is superb.

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