In the heavy-duty trucking industry, fuel costs are one of the biggest operational expenses fleets encounter, second to payroll. Purkeys Chief Engineer Dale Henningson explains, “The engine powers the alternator, which is where electrical energy originates so all of the electrical power comes from the fuel of the truck.” An efficient electrical system will consume less diesel fuel and can reduce costs over time.

Fuel is burned every time the truck is running and the alternator is turning, producing electricity. This electrical current travels the length of the cable to the battery.  There is always some level of voltage drop on these cables, but factors such as corrosion, poor connections, and cable size can significantly impact this voltage drop.   Fleets can maximize efficiency with their electrical systems:

·         Cables are sized properly

·         Electrical connections are clean

·         Connections are kept to a minimum

Because fuel costs make up such a large percentage of a fleet’s operating costs even a fraction of a percent less fuel used can have a significant impact on the fleet’s bottom line. According to Dale, “An efficient electrical system keeps the truck running more efficiently, which leads to less fuel consumption. At Purkeys, we’re always looking for opportunities to save fleets money, and small things, over time, add up to big savings.”

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