Our Harnesses Have Recently Been Recommended by Eaton

Recently, Eaton recommended Purkeys’ wiring harnesses when installing their new pure sine wave inverter. They said, “To assure the safety and maximum value for users, inverter wiring harnesses are supplied by Purkeys Fleet Electric, one of North America’s leading suppliers of electrical solutions to the commercial vehicle industry”. All harnesses meet SAEJ1455 standards, more specifically:

  • SAEJ2202 – Heavy Duty Wiring Systems for on Highway Trucks
  • SAEJ1128 – Low Voltage Primary Cable
  • SAEJ1127 – Low Voltage Primary Battery Cable

Purkeys works with fleets to help design a harness to the proper specifications. Inverters are not the only electrical products that need wiring harnesses so they work with clients to customize multiple types. Purkeys’ wiring harnesses are unique because:

  • All wires are cut to spec for each truck to reduce voltage drop
  • The heavy-duty welding cables are easier to route through tight spaces
  • Only one hole needs to be cut for the wiring to pass through
  • The harness plate and dome nuts keep the wires separated to avoid rubbing and wear

Unlike most wiring harnesses, Purkeys doesn’t try to manufacture a one-size-fits-all wire harness; they custom fit each order to be what the customer needs. Their wiring harnesses are a fleet’s long-term solution to keep fleets electrical systems running smoothly.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into providing inverters for your fleet? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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