Representatives from Purkeys will showcase four new products next week at TMC’s Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee. Purkeys has been a longtime supporter of TMC and are excited to participate again this year.

The four products Purkeys will showcase are the Solar Bolt, Solar Dash, CAPS, and PAC. Each of these products shares the common goal of increasing a fleets’ efficiency.

  • Solar Bolt is the only solar charging system that keeps charging while the vehicle is on. It’s Purkeys’ new liftgate charging option that utilizes revolutionary technology designed to work in conjunction with the electrical system on a vehicle or trailer.
  • Solar Dash is a new solar charging system that keeps vehicle batteries at a good state of charge when the truck is not in operation. It’s an effective way to counteract parasitic loads on most heavy-duty vehicles.
  • CAPS or, Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter, is a portable jump start machine that utilizes an ultra capacitor to create a burst of energy. This gives the user the opportunity jump start heavy-duty vehicles quickly.
  • PAC or, Pack Accelerated Charger, can charge AGM and Flooded Cell batteries quickly and safely. This Purkeys device is perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and is capable of charging an entire battery pack at the same time, which greatly reduces recharge time.

The Purkeys team will be introducing the new products and discussing the general importance of solar power at booth #1150. Learn more in person at the show.