Going Solar – Benefits in the Industry & for Your Liftgates

Renewable energy is an up-and-coming area of interest with ever-improving technology and uses. Last year, the global solar market grew by 26 percent, with over 53 national markets involved. 2018 is poised to be an even bigger year for growth. The transportation industry as a whole has been positively affected by developing solar technology, including the first ever solar powered bus, solar powered car, and solar panels for roads—and the trucking industry is no different. Solar panels for tractors, refrigeration systems, or liftgate operations are becoming more flexible and more affordable, while reducing roadside assistance costs and lost battery life for fleets that utilize them.

Purkeys understands the bright future renewable energy has in the trucking industry and has developed a solar-powered battery charger using patent-pending technology specifically designed to integrate into heavy-duty vehicle electrical systems. Our Solar Bolt supplemental liftgate charging system is engineered to utilize solar energy to keep liftgate and auxiliary batteries charged, thus reducing the electrical load on the alternator, which reduces the mechanical load on the engine, thereby reducing fuel costs over time. Our Solar Dash can be used in trucks to counteract parasitic loads and help avoid jumpstarts by keeping vehicle batteries at a good state of charge when the vehicle is inactive.

As we head further into July, the heat wave isn’t over yet. In the summer months, the demand for solar installation rises, as companies want to get the most out of their truck and liftgate battery life. With renewable energy becoming a more popular and durable option, interest in solar is climbing in general, offering the trucking industry more advantage in the summer months.

When it comes to cost effectiveness and return on investment for solar systems installed in fleets, the, “NACFE team found that solar investment provides a return on its investment in about two years when supporting refrigeration applications and medium to high confidence of a payback in that same timeframe when used for liftgate operations.” This is a short time period to see a complete return on an investment that can help reduce battery costs for liftgates, as well as save money and time for operations that come to a halt due to dead batteries.

The NACFE team was also quoted, “We think the application of solar panels on trailers with extra electrical loads like telematics, refrigeration units, and liftgates make sense as a means of improving battery life and reducing the need for roadside assistance…This is especially true if the trailer spends long periods without being attached to a tractor.”

The applications of solar panels and solar power for fleets will continue to grow with time as technology improves and the benefits increase as well. Purkeys plans to continue as a frontrunner in the industry, furthering our mission to assist fleets in optimizing the effectiveness of their auxiliary equipment and in retaining their drivers.

Let the experts on our team answer your questions and discover how Purkeys solar powered systems can help your fleets run longer and with reduced fuel costs. Contact us today!

Source: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/solar-trends-2018-gtm-research


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