Governor Romney Visits Purkeys

Two o’clock on Thursday afternoon found the Utah branch of Purkeys in a state of eager anxiety as they awaited the arrival of their VIP guest, Governor Mitt Romney.

Romney, currently running to represent the people of Utah in the US Senate, made several stops in rural Utah on Thursday to visit local businesses for tours and to hear their concerns.

Purkeys Co-Owner and Chief Research Engineer Dale Henningson, and Senior Field Services Engineer Russell Olsen, met with Romney to discuss the history of Purkeys and their political concerns before touring the facility and meeting those employed in the Utah location.

“I’d name Governor Romney as one of the top political influencers,” said Olsen, “For him to take an interest in us—and take the time to actively listen and discuss our concerns with us—felt really good.”

The tour of the facility included brief demonstrations of key products and methodologies by the engineering and engineering support teams—including showing Purkeys’ recently released power inverter and liftgate charging system nosebox.

“It was exciting to be able to show off our work,” said Electrical Engineer Wendy Olsen. “It felt like Governor Romney had a genuine interest in what we do. It was neat to have someone with that much influence come see us in little Podunk Manti and show a high level of curiosity and interest in who we are and what we do.”

As part of the tour, Romney even agreed to participate in calibrating and testing one of the products. With the assistance of Support Technician Jeremy Keeler, Romney successfully entered the electrical data into the circuit board and joked that he could now call himself an experienced data calibrator.

After the whirlwind tour was over and Romney and his crew were gone, Senior Electrical Engineer Andrew Nielson remarked, “I think everyone dreams of having their own successful business. It’s cool to see Dale get recognition from a potential senator for the hard work he put into growing this business.”

When asked how he felt about Romney’s visit, Henningson said, “We appreciate that Romney would take the time out of his busy schedule and spend time getting to know us and our needs, as well as recognizing the effort we put into making our community a better place.”

The final statement made by Romney and his team was, “Thank you for creating jobs in rural Utah!” His visit left the Utah team inspired to continue innovating and making Purkeys a great place to work.

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