One of the most important parts of maintaining vehicle electrical systems is having good electrical testing equipment. Purkeys’ Handheld Electrical Analyzer automates the testing process, allowing technicians to quickly and easily test electrical systems.

This handheld tester has a menu-driven system that guides technicians through tests for heavy-duty vehicle cranking, charging, and battery systems. It simplifies the process of identifying and troubleshooting electrical issues.

Its portable, light-weight design allows technicians to use it in the field. It can record testing history with printable results and is optimized for AGM and flooded cell batteries.

The Handheld Electrical Analyzer has multiple leads for conducting preventative maintenance checks, voltage drop tests, and more. It can apply 40 to 120 amps for automated load tests while testing for voltage drop.

Preventative maintenance checks can help fleets eliminate electrical issues, saving time and money. In order to facilitate proper preventative maintenance, it is paramount that fleets equip technicians with reliable and accurate electrical testing tools, such as the Handheld Electrical Analyzer.

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