Battery Program Includes Free Electrical Consulting

Heavy duty, commercial trucking fleets can experience a variety of issues with batteries on a regular basis. Having technicians properly trained in battery maintenance is an important part in keeping a fleets’ tractors on the road to maximize productivity and profit. The training requires some upfront costs but over time the fleet will see an increase in savings and productivity.

Purkeys created a battery program that is more than being a supplier. An expert comes in to assess the fleet’s electrical needs and customize a solution. They advise technicians on how to troubleshoot battery issues and provide ongoing support. The program includes:

  • Training sessions for personnel
  • Monitoring battery usage
  • Inspecting equipment for accuracy
  • Update maintenance procedure
  • Setting up battery charging areas

By using a battery program fleets can find the right battery for their unique needs. As well as, learn more about a tractors overall electrical system. This proactive approach is a complete program that helps fleets stay on the road and save money.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into electrical consulting? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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