TAPS Products can be adapted to fit a variety of needs

Keeping an electric pallet jack charged can be a challenge. Heavy duty, commercial trucking fleets experience down time and revenue losses when electric pallet jack batteries don’t last the entire route. It also leads to shorter battery life when they are drained on a regular basis.

Purkeys has developed TAPS, or Trailer Auxiliary Power Source, systems that provides power to the trailer from the tractor batteries. This gives the trailer an extra power source that can be used in many different ways. Most commonly it’s used with an inverter to provide 110 AC power that can charge electric pallet jacks. TAPS can also be used to:

  • Charge other AC accessories like computers, power tools or extra lighting
  • Convert DC power from the available auxiliary battery from 12 volts to 24 volts
  • Provide DC power to charge pallet jacks if needed

By using the TAPS systems, fleets can better streamline their runs while out on the road. Fleets save valuable warehouse space and ensure the pallet jack batteries stay charged the whole route.  TAPS is a very diverse product that can meet almost any power management need.

Are you having a hard time keeping pallet jacks charged while on the road? Have you tried a TAPS system? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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