On April 1, 1990, Purkeys opened for business with only one customer. Twenty-five years later Purkeys has evolved into a company that focuses on electrical innovations and solutions that continues to make an impact on the heavy-duty commercial trucking industry.

Purkeys’ Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey said finding the solutions to electrical issues has led to Purkeys’ success in the industry. “We do what we say we will do,” Bruce said. “We keep our promises and I think that’s the biggest secret to our success.”

Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux joined the Purkeys team 23-years ago and has witnessed tremendous company growth during that time. “When I started, the entire company could fit into one extended van,” Larry said. “A lot has changed since then. We have slowly progressed into a high-tech company and it has really put us on the fast track.”

Without team members like Larry and the long time clients, Purkeys would not be where it is are today. “I appreciate all of the opportunities that our clients and customers have given us,” Bruce said. “I’m very proud of the team we’ve developed. We can help more people than ever before.”

While the first 25 years of business have seen success, the next 25 years look just as promising. “Electrical issues will always remain one of the toughest issues for fleets,” Bruce said. “We’ve got a team in place that can take care of our customers for a long time.”