Purkeys’ DIRECT™ is a single-source liftgate charging system. It boosts voltage through a DC to DC converter to fully charge liftgate batteries more efficiently and to overcome the voltage drop from the tractor to the liftgate batteries.

The DIRECT has easy-to-read LED indicators. If the liftgate battery indicator shows a green light, the liftgate batteries are above 12.4 V and are ready to use. If the light is amber, the liftgate batteries are below 12.4 V and, before heading out on to the road, the system needs to be checked.

The source light shows the input connection and indicates whether that input is providing the required voltage. Once the tractor is started, the source light should turn green, indicating that the tractor voltage is above 13.2 V. If the tractor is started and the input light is blinking amber, it means that the input voltage is low and the liftgate batteries are not receiving sufficient charge. If a blinking amber source light is observed, the system requires inspection.

The DIRECT is a simple way to determine liftgate battery state of charge and show if the liftgate batteries are receiving the required charge. This saves fleets from unnecessary downtime and provides drivers with the information they require.

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