Heavy duty, commercial trucking fleets can experience a variety of issues with batteries on a regular basis. Having technicians properly trained in battery maintenance is an important part of keeping a fleets’ tractors on the road to maximize productivity and profit. Northeastern Region Sales and Service Engineer Charley Gipe gives 4 tips on battery maintenance and how to get the most accurate readings when testing or charging a Group 31 battery.

When testing or charging a battery, it is common practice to put the clamps on the metal studs of the battery. However, the threaded studs are not meant to conduct electricity, so the clamps don’t get a good connection. This leads to inaccurate test readings and poor charging. To get the best connection on a battery, always:

  • Use a good connection with the lead pad
  • Clean all the grease and grime off the pad
  • Use an adapter instead of the stud
  • Make sure the adapter is touching the lead pad

Charley’s tips are the first step in understanding a fleet’s electrical system. Contact Purkeys to learn more about their customized battery program. This proactive approach is a complete program that helps fleets stay on the road and save money.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Are you looking for extra training? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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