Wire crimpers

Wire crimping is a small part of a big process, however, when done incorrectly it can have large consequences on your day-to-day operations. This is because if a barrel and wire are not crimped properly, it creates an opening for external forces, such as moisture, to enter. This can cause your connection to corrode or overheat, resulting in voltage drop that leads to a poor connection or a complete loss of connection.

To help you avoid these issues, we have compiled our Top Four Best Crimping Practices, as well as some suggested tools, to help set you up for success.

Top Four Best Practices:

  1. Match the wire gauge to the terminal. To make a successful crimp, you need a terminal that fits the wire gauge properly. If the wire is too big or too small for the terminal, you will not achieve a secure crimp. When choosing the terminal, never use an insulated terminal; it is too difficult to get a good crimp through the insulation.
  2. Always do a pull test. You should be able to firmly pull on the wire without the terminal moving or falling off.
  3. Use the correct tools. The correct tool is critical when crimping. If you have a good pair of crimpers, you won’t need to solder the wire to the terminal. However, if you are ever in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to add this extra step.
  4. Use heat shrink. Always use a piece of heat shrink to cover the connection between the wire and the crimped barrel. Doing this will provide extra protection to your connection.

The following examples will help you determine if you have a good crimp.

Good/bad wire crimp examples

Recommended Tools:

As we discussed previously, using proper tools is a critical practice when performing a proper crimp. Below are suggested handheld crimpers that are reasonably priced, have multiple functions and would be a great resource for your wire crimping needs.

Wire crimper
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Wire crimper
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