The multimeter combines multiple electrical diagnosis functions into one portable unit. Technicians use this tool to test a wide range of situations, including voltage drop, continuity checks, diode checks, and capacity checks.

In the video above, Purkeys National Truck & Fleet Representative, Larry Rambeaux, shows how to properly use an ohmmeter. The ohmmeter is a function of the multimeter used to measure resistance in Ohms (Ω).

Knowing how to correctly use an ohmmeter is important because service manuals are written with the assumption that people know how to properly use an ohmmeter and understand its readings. If technicians don’t understand what a manual or an ohmmeter is telling them, they can misdiagnose important issues or waste time working on the wrong issue.

The ability of a technician to properly use and understand an ohmmeter can do wonders for a fleet. That is why Purkeys offers a wide range of training on how to properly use every function of multimeters, including ohmmeters.

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