Inverters take DC power from tractor batteries and convert it to 110 AC power. This allows drivers to operate devices such as laptops and microwaves while on over the road routes.

Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux demonstrates how to reset an inverter when it shuts off. According to Larry, “When the 1200-11-8 inverter batteries drop below to 11.8 volts for more than 30 seconds, the inverter will shut off to protect the truck’s batteries from excessive draining.”

The green light on the inverter will begin blinking when the voltage drops to 11.8v. If proper voltage is not restored within 30 seconds, the light will turn red and the inverter will shut off. The 30 second requirement eliminates false turn-offs due to short-term loads like an engine crank.

There are two things that need to be done in order to reset the inverter. First, a voltmeter needs to be connected to the inputs at the back of the inverter to make sure the input voltage is read correctly. Then the voltage at the truck batteries needs to be at least 13.3v. Once this proper voltage is reached, turn the switch off and back on. The light will switch back to green and the inverter is once again operating correctly.

While inverters are good tools for drivers, they do have limitations so it is important to understand how much of a load an inverter can handle. Learn more about inverterskeep drivers happy and avoid excessive battery drain that can result in road calls.

Are you dealing with battery issues? Have you looked into inverters? We welcome your comments and questions below.

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