Liftgate solenoids need to be tested under a load. According to Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux, “Use the ohm setting on a multimeter to determine if the switch is within spec for that particular piece of equipment”. To do this, switch the multimeter to “ohm’s” and touch the positive and negative meter leads to the two smallest posts. Check that coil resistance reading against voltage spec range.

To make sure that the switch is truly good, it must not be grounded. Touch the positive meter lead to one post while touching the negative to the bracket. There should be no reading on the multimeter, or OL.

If the coil resistance is within range and the liftgate switch is not grounded, technicians can be certain the component is good. Making assumptions based on sight and sound or using a test light alone simply will not be accurate. Proper testing using a multimeter is necessary to determine if the mag switch is in proper working order to avoid mechanical failure.

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