Purkeys’ CAPS, or Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter, is a portable jumpstart machine that uses an ultracapacitor to jumpstart heavy-duty vehicles.

According to Sales and Service Engineer Rylar Masco, the CAPS is a portable, powerful and safe jumpstart solution. It has the power needed to jumpstart heavy-duty vehicles but is also safe enough to use on light duty vehicles.

When jumpstarting a vehicle, a green indicator light means the CAPS is armed and ready for use. If technicians see a blinking red light it indicates that something is not right, such as the cables are hooked up the wrong way or a connection is bad. A blinking yellow light signals that the CAPS is using the vehicle to recharge the ultracapacitor.

The indicator light allows a technician to easily read the status of the jumpstart machine and ensure it is functioning properly.

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