Installing an Inverter

Larry Rambeaux Demonstrates How to Choose the Best Place to Install One

Inverters convert DC power to 110 AC power. This allows drivers to use their household items while over the road. There are many inverters to choose from, so it’s important to look for one that is programmable, durable, easy to install, and that will protect the batteries.

According to Purkeys Sales and Service Engineer Larry Rambeaux, inverters should be installed in a location that is safe and convenient for the driver. Good locations include the driver’s compartment or the wall of the bunk divider. After the location is chosen, make sure the proper cables are used and installed correctly. When running cables under the truck, make sure they aren’t too close to a heat source such as the exhaust. Make sure they are properly secured and not hanging down.

Larry says, “Drivers should always be aware of what the inverter can support. They have a limited amount of AC power, unlike what you’re used to at home.” When plugging things into the inverter, keep the power limitations in mind. Microwave ovens are sold on cooking wattage, not how much power they pull. So it is important to know how many watts a microwave pulls and the limits of an inverter. A microwave may pull 17,000 watts of electricity from the batteries to produce 1,000 watts of cooking power and the inverter can only support 1,500 watts.

Since drivers are going to be away from home for long periods of time, they want to be comfortable. If they can cook something, watch TV and enjoy other comforts of home, fleets who provide inverters should find it easier to retain drivers.

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