It’s Solar’s Time to Shine in the Trucking Industry

Solar technology gradually has been working its way into everyday life, and now it has made its way to the trucking industry. When done right, solar offers long-term energy and cost savings well worth its initial cost. But getting it right – that is the tricky part. Solar has an obvious downside: when the sun doesn’t shine, it doesn’t work. However, when solar is used as a supplementary source of energy, as opposed to a complete replacement, that’s when its benefits begin to truly shine.

For the trucking industry, solar is becoming especially relevant. Truckers spend on average of around 125,000 miles on the road every year – that’s 125,000 miles of potentially solar-harnessing time when solar panels are tacked on top of truck chassis and trailers; granted, a variety of factors determine how many of these miles can actually be utilized for energy. Areas with long winters and little sunshine, for example, such as the Northeastern United States, are not as ideal for solar technology as are sunnier areas like Texas or California. Likewise, the benefits of solar depend considerably on day-to-day weather conditions. On cloudy days, solar panels will harness considerably less energy than on sunny days. Yet, despite these downsides, solar technology still has significant upside in the trucking industry.

When used as an energy source, solar can save fleets time and money by extending battery life, reducing fuel costs, and minimizing battery-related delays. Whether a truck is moving or not, solar panels can capture energy and store it for immediate or future use. Technology like the Purkeys Solar Bolt is essential for storing energy and directing it to wherever it is needed. The operation of liftgates and other common equipment in a truck are among the most practical and effective uses of solar technology in trucks. These tasks require relatively little energy, so even if the sun isn’t shining, you’re still saving. And when the sun is shining, you’ll only be saving more as the excess solar technology goes toward reducing the electrical and mechanical loads on your truck’s energy systems. It doesn’t take long for you to receive a return on your investment, either. With two solar panels atop your truck you can make your money back after just nine months, and after five years you could receive an estimated $7,600 in savings, a 693% ROI.

Despite some of the challenges associated with solar energy, solar technology is still well worth the investment for those in the trucking industry, especially for those operating out of sunnier climates. When utilized correctly, solar can save you not only time, but money as well – all while contributing to a greener world. If you think solar is right for you, Purkeys’ team of energy experts can help you determine the right solution for your unique needs and provide you with the equipment necessary for a brighter future.

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