Just Like Home, Wherever You Roam

Our Invert™ Pure Sine Wave inverters with DynaBalance™ monitoring technology are here! Purkeys has a long history of creativity and quality in the market, and we continue to strive for both happy drivers and happy fleets. Our products aim to achieve that balance and our new inverters are no different.

These new inverters give drivers the AC power they need to bring home conveniences with them on the road, while at the same time ensuring that truck batteries are never too depleted to turn over the engine. How is this possible? Using our patent-pending DynaBalance technology, our inverters measure and estimate the state of the battery, even under load, in real time, rather than relying solely on voltage.

Inverters that do not have this functionality can turn off too late if the inverter is only supplying a small amount of power or way too soon if the inverter is supplying high power, such as when powering a microwave. With Purkeys inverters, both the needs of the driver and the needs of the truck and thus the fleet, are safely met.

Available in both 1500 and 2000 watts, our new pure sine wave inverters provide power that won’t reset during tractor autostart events, plus an easy-to-read battery status indicator complete with a pre-shutdown warning buzz. We also understand fleets want their trucks to look well taken care of, so our inverter is offered in a great looking aluminum housing that will have everyone asking where you got it.

As always, our goal is to keep your freight moving by protecting your truck batteries. We are offering our superior customer service as well as a 3-year warranty on all new inverters purchased. Purkeys inverters allow your drivers to take the comforts of home with them wherever they roam, while still looking after the needs of the truck and fleet they are connected to. For more information on purchasing your own pure sine wave inverter, contact us today!

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