Review Checklist 3

Keeping your liftgate batteries in tip-top condition is key to keeping your truck on the road. An improperly installed liftgate charging system can result in dead liftgate batteries, which leads to unwanted down time.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the installation of a liftgate charging system is done properly. Whether you’re an OE installing the system on a trailer, or part of the fleet receiving the new equipment, making sure the system is properly installed is an important step in maintaining liftgate batteries.

We want you to be certain that your new Purkeys charging system will work properly and do what it does best—help fleets run more efficiently. That’s why we compiled an installation review checklist.

Download the checklist HERE for a simple list of the most important items that should be checked to ensure the charging system was installed correctly, accompanied by photo examples of properly installed charging systems.

If you have any questions about how to install your Purkeys liftgate charging system, contact us HERE.