Does having a liftgate charging system really make that much of a difference? The simple answer to that is, yes, absolutely.

In addition to the physical benefits of having a charging system (including decreased downtime and longer battery life), having a charging system saves you time and frustration.

Liftgate batteries are notorious for having short life cycles and stranding drivers with the liftgate down. When the VP of Maintenance for a California-based fleet was asked how he felt about using a Purkeys liftgate charging system to resolve these issues, he said:

“The DIRECT system has drastically reduced our road calls and downtime. We first started with a few trailers and saw amazing results—because of that, we have outfitted our whole fleet with the DIRECT system. We highly recommend anyone with liftgates try out either the SELECT or DIRECT to solve your charging problems.”

To show the benefit of using a liftgate charging system, we collected data from a trailer without a charging system, then installed one of our charging systems and collected more data.

Two important results are included below. For the full list of results and details, download the case study here.

With a Purkeys liftgate charging system:

  • the fleet saved $1,293.58 per trailer, minimum, over two years
  • the battery life quadrupled for the liftgate batteries

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