Maxon Lift Corporation presented an award for Superior Partnership Contribution and Technical Training January 14, 2016 at Purkeys headquarters in Lowell, Ark. Arnold Kowal, Director of After Sales Service Support for Maxon, said the award was given in honor of Purkeys’ superior partnership contributions and achievements in the area of service support and technical training.

Purkeys, a company focused on providing electrical solutions for the heavy-duty trucking industry, received this award; the first of its kind presented by Maxon. Kowal said, “It’s important to recognize an organization’s efforts and achievements as it relates to product support.”


Attention to customer service and proper training protocols has allowed Purkeys to develop its reputation for electrical expertise. According to Purkeys’ Chief Creative Engineer Bruce Purkey, this award signifies the strides the company has made to ensure suppliers and customers understand their products so everyone will benefit.

Purkeys’ CEO Justin Purkey said this award is a milestone for the company. “For the past 25 years, Purkeys has worked hard to provide the products and services fleets need to stay on the road,” he said. “We are grateful that a company of Maxon’s caliber has recognized our efforts.”

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