A customer asked Purkeys to build a CPAP machine that didn’t draw from the truck batteries. Purkeys responded with the Medical Device Power Source, or MDPS, and soon realized this was something all fleets would appreciate.

Almost 30 percent of drivers suffer from sleep apnea and need CPAP machines to sleep. That’s both a big and a small number—big enough to be addressed but not big enough to be implemented universally. This is where Purkeys stepped in. They designed MDPS to be small, lightweight and portable because drivers turn over often, so the machine needed to be able to move to wherever needed.

Purkeys designed the device to charge a separate AGM battery while the truck is running. The battery can provide power for up to 10 hours when fully charged, and if the battery drops to a critically low voltage, the MDPS will set off an alarm to wake the driver. With the MDPS, your drivers get the sleep they need while your truck’s electrical system also gets the rest it needs.

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